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Slim Me Tea

RM 35.00

Our bestseller (and best smelling) slimming tea ever is now available in sachet! Its much easier for you to consume, just soak the sachet into a cup filled with hot or lukewarm water and steep for 3-4 mins until you smell the aroma. Drink max 2 sachet/day to get the optimum benefit of the slimming tea (and get those thigh gap) naturally!

Each sachet weighs 2.5g and 1 jar comes with 20 sachets. Which means, if you consume 1 sachet/day your investment of RM35 will last for 20 days! 

Its waaaay much cheaper as we sell 40g for loose tea before. 

Ingredients: Verbena, Lotus Ball, Rosemary, Lemongrass.

🌹Lemongrass: good for skin, improve blood circulation and digestive system. It is also a good ingredient for slimming lower part of body, clear out excessive water in our body.

🌹Verbena: release heatiness, improve blood circulation, sooth sore throat, improve on digestive system, release of gas, improve immune system

🌹Lotus Ball: lower blood pressure and relief constipation, one of the best ingredient for slimming

🌹Rosemary: improve digestive system, blood circulation, lower cholestrol level, prevent obesity

No caffeine, only pure dried herbs.