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Hydrating Rose Face Mist

RM 30.00

One of our bestsellers, Rose Face Mist is definitely a must-have! It contains many beneficial ingredients carefully selected to hydrate and make your skin feel fresher than ever!


Benefits of Rose Face Mist:

🌹leaves your skin soft fresh

🌹suitable for sensitive, and mature skin

🌹anti -aging properties that tighten your skin and get rid of wrinkles

🌹hydrates your skin in an instant!

🌹can be used as make up setting spray

🌹great rosy smell - definitely our fav!

🌹can be used as many times as you wish, no restriction

🌹spray on your body to hydrate and make your skin feel fresher


We only use HIGH GRADE ingredients for all our products, such as the luxurious Bulgarian Rosewater for this rose face mist. Do you know that it takes 60 roses just to create a single drop of rose oil? Thats what makes it so luxurious and expensive!