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Drinkable Rose Toner (Certified Organic, Food Grade)

RM 39.00

This 100% pure, organic rose toner is useful for skin balancing, cleansing, and detoxifying. Due to it’s pure origin and nature, this miraculous water is also drinkable!

For Skin:
- Good as facial toner and face mist, this toner restores shine, treat irritated and blotchy skin, and also anti wrinkle as it tighten the skin.

For Health:
- put few drops in a cup of water and drink to relax, destress and during the time of the month you may drink it to alleviate period cramping and to balance out hormones
- drinking rose water is also good for digestion problems and to purify the body.

How to use:
- Facial Toner: apply to your face with a cotton ball after you shower or wash your face.

Face Mask: Add few drops of rose water into clay powder to make face mask.

*Keep the rose water refrigerated to maintain its freshness!
* The rosewater is food grade and certified organic by ECOCERT