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Beau Tea

RM 30.00

Start your day and get that radiant and glowing skin with our Beau Tea! Its a mixture of dried flowers, and each serves its purpose to beautify your skin. Works like magic and tastes yummy too!

🍃Beau-tea (French Rose, Jasmine & Apple Flower - RM30/40g jar) .

🌹French Rose: Rich in vitamin c and anti oxidant, reduce dark spots, improve skin texture, relief menstrual pain. It also helps to eliminate the waste from kidneys, killing the bacterium in the digestive tracts and improving our blood circulation.

🌹Apple Flower: Diminish pimples, dark spot, blackheads and skin problems. Good for female reproductive system as well

🌹Jasmine: Good for digestive system, improve skin complexion, rich in anti-oxidant which helps to delay aging process, relief tension, tiredness, headache etc.